Al Asr Education and Community Centre


Al-Asr Education and Community Centre is an educational establishment in the heart of the Muslim community of Woking. Al-Asr began work in Woking in 1995 to comply with the needs of the community. In 2000, the organisation purchased a building for educational and community activities. An extensive renovation program was undertaken. In January 2001, the Al-Asr Education and Community Centre was formally inaugurated.











In 2006, Al-Asr purchased a second building on Goldsworth Road in Woking to satisfy the local demand for our social, educational and religious activities. Also in 2006, a project was initiated to raise funds to improve the second site to meet the medium and long term requirements of the community.

Al-Asr provides a variety of social, educational, religious and cultural services for the community. Throughout the year there are classes, lectures, sermons, social and religious activities. Particular attention is paid to the education and development of the youth.

“We arrange weekly gathering for elderly people and provide them food and discuss social issues and keep them involved and proactive.We host Inter-Faith-Dialogue gatherings and meetings of different interfaith groups to bridge the gap among Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths and others and to create a cooperative, constructive and positive interaction among people of different religious traditions.We run evening classes to help the children in their school homework. We teach different languages to enhance the skills of youth learn more and to get job easily.( We have 52 Madrassah Students). We arrange monthly English lectures for youth on different topics and issues to address current needs of youth.We organise intercity and international trips for education, learning and holidays.We offer and rent out Table Tennis Court to different groups.We support the victims of Natural Disasters worldwide according to our resources.Al-Asr Centre is Polling Station for local, National and European Elections.” (Dr Naqvi, Imam at Al Asr Education and Community Centre)