Why have a Surrey Muslim Association?

The Surrey Muslim Association (SMA) was inaugurated on the 12th December 2013 at Guildhall in Guildford. The SMA is a forum for Muslims in Surrey and consists of Imams, Chairs, Secretaries and other position holders of Mosques and Islamic Centres in Surrey.

According to the 2021 census in Surrey, Islam is the next biggest religious group (2.2%) in Surrey after Christianity. For a while this Muslim community in Surrey had been in search of a common platform to put across their feelings, ideas, thoughts and suggestions on various issues that touch their day to day lives.

SMA aims to provide all the Muslims of Surrey from all walks of life, an opportunity to come together and have one strong voice in order to make their views heard. Through SMA, the Muslims will be able to display and restore the true peaceful image of Islam, to remove misconceptions about Islam from peoples' mind, to reach out to the non-Muslim Community by engaging with them promoting integration and be a channel of communication for other agencies including the media.

Aims of Surrey Muslim Association

  • Provide a united and uniform platform to promote the needs and aspirations of the county‚Äôs Muslim community.

  • Serve as a platform/gateway for other organisations to communicate and relay information to the Muslims in Surrey, such as statutory bodies, other faith organisations etc

  • Be an infrastructure to engage with other faith infrastructures e.g. dioceses

  • Increase the opportunities for Muslims to participate, interact and contribute to the wider society.

  • Allow Muslim representatives to discuss issues which are common to them Be a voice for Muslims in Surrey Enable partnership working

  • Be a voice for Muslims in Surrey

  • Enable partnership working

Our Constitution